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Fluid Flow Control Animations
Fluid Flow Control Animations

Diaphragm Pumps

The natural frequencies of pipes cause pulsation where even low-level volume fluctuations from a pump match the pipe frequency.

Click on the Flexorber LP or Flexorber to find out more about them.

The flow-through design of the Flexorber allows it to intercept high frequency pulses.

The liquid connections on the Flexorber LP are on the top of the unit to stop gas collection from causing knock.

The pump diaphragm has anti-extrusion plates to give the minimum dead volume, and a 90 degree shut-off face seal to meet the new food and drug standard.

An LDi Flexorber LP on the suction side and a Flexorber on the discharge side of the pump actually cost you nothing. By smoothing the flow, they greatly reduce the peak flow, allowing much smaller diameter and thinner walled pipes to be used. In most cases, this reduces the cost of the piping system by more than the cost of the pulsation preventors.

The pressure varitations are smoothed like this:

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If you have a pipeline or pump user problem which requires pulsation analysis, diagnostics, or prediction by software:
The definitions of many problems can be found at


Liquid Dynamics provides pipeline and pump user problem analysis, diagnostics, and prediction by software. For water hammer and shock solutions pulsation dampening and shock alleviating devices can be obtained from our associate websites PulseGuard and ShockGuard.


For Hardware see our associate websites: and for further information about pulsation dampeners and pumping systems. and to find large gas bag vessels, jumbo bladders, float separator and big bellows type pipeline shock attenuators and expansion / contraction volume compensators. for more about pulse dampers in pumping systems and water hammer.
Water Hammer  and for more on water hammer, pump start up surge, shut down back flow, & valve closure hammer. and for information about energy saving in pumping systems, standby emergency power, and safety shutdown systems. for a quick view of how each different type of pulse dampener is matched to a pump installation. Pumps make flow, system resistance to flow is pressure, systems make pressure and pressure pulsation. to find protection against excess flow. Guard against toxic spills when pipes burst, guard against gushers and fluid loss when hoses split, Flow-Guard guards against excess flow floods.

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